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Painted Rocks


After seeing some of my work on social media, a local friend of mine graciously gave me some beautiful rocks and stones from her yard to experiment with. I gladly accepted the challenge!

This flagstone is about 12" long and 3" deep and heavy! It was a process, but I am happy with the outcome. This particular  Calliope hummingbird, flying through the poppies, was traded for a massage by my sweet friend. Visit her if you're in need of a healing massage!



What a treat this one turned out to be. Truth be told, I sometimes struggle with color. I get into a trance when painting and get too caught up in the small details, while failing to focus on what the overall color should be. Luckily, paint is like magic and walking away for a day can open up a whole new perspective. This can be true for many situations, putting things on pause - to reflect - can be just what is needed. 

As I walked Vixen into the gallery to put on display I had a very eager buyer before she was even inside! 
To say I am humbled is an understatement.  

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