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Custom Art Proposal for
Simone Stewart


Art by Jennifer Bean Taylor proposes the following creative addition Muscleaneous Massage & Mountain Pilates space, designed to enhance the entryway of the new studio.


The wall mural will feature 4 layers of mountains on a painted background, with a foreground layer to include trees. The mural will be painted on 10oz pre-primed cotton canvas which will be affixed to the partial wall in the entry way of the studio. The partial wall will be primed prior to the canvas installation. The canvas will be hung using wallpaper clay, making it removable for future use.


This mock up is intended to provide the basis for the layout and overall color scheme.
Although it is an original drawing, it will be used as reference and rendered in the artist's style.


Dimensions:  9'3" x  5'5'' (50.1 sq. ft.) (corrected 4/12/22)
Color scheme - from background to foreground:


  • Benjamin Moore Acrylic Paint

  • Roman Pro-732 Wallpaper clay

  • Shieldz Wallcovering Primer

  • Utrecht Artists' Series Cotton Canvas

​Estimated Time of Completion: 4-5 days, flexible to paint before and after hours of operation. 


$15 per sq. ft.

x 50 sq. ft.  = $750 (corrected 4/12/22)

+ $92 (4 yards of canvas​)

+ $30 (primer & clay)

+ $150 (wall prep & canvas installation)

Total = $1022 

MountainPilates-Simone (1).jpg

Picture is of the opposite side of the wall to be painted.

(1) Price includes the cost of all necessary supplies.   

(2) Price includes the prepping/priming of the wall and install of the canvas prior to painting.

(3) Price includes up to 2 design edits/changes prior to start date.
(4) 50% of the total cash amount is due upon invoice, and the remaining balance is due upon completion of the project. 

(a) Artist is open to doing a trade for up to 50% of the cost, for the equivalent in massage and/or pilates sessions.

(5) If additions or changes are requested that fall outside of the original scope of the project, new fees may apply.
​(6) Such fees will be discussed and approved prior to implementation. The new charges will be added to the final invoice and due upon completion.  
(7) Although the artist reserves the right to extend the project length, any changes in the estimated time of completion will be discussed with the client. 

Jennifer Bean Taylor


© 2022 Art by Jennifer Bean Taylor. All Rights Reserved.

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