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Nature Captures

Unlikely Friends

Sometimes in the darkest of times, we stumble across the things that make us smile to get through the day. This was taken during the summer of 2020, when the world felt like it was crumbling. I needed to get away and clear my head with a long hike. This particular spot is very special to me because the lake in the background is where my mother's ashes were scattered in 2012. I feel closer to her when I come here to escape. This particular visit also provided companionship in a ground squirrel. Enjoy!

Morning with a Moose

What a majestic animal and a cherished memory! We found him sleeping in our yard, and he is welcome to come back anytime he would like. 

Not everything in nature is perfect

Being stuck at home during 2020 meant that I spent a lot of time on my deck. I most likely wouldn't have noticed this fella if he found solace at our home during the "before time".  With guidance and encouragement from a friend, who is a champion for all things living, I was able to capture him and the Wild Bird Rescue & Rehab graciously took him in. They informed me that he would have not survived on suet alone, and without the ability to forage for insects in trees,  he would have starved to death. They also said it was unlikely the beak would have grown back, due to the lack of keratin. 

The day of the rescue, he ate out of my hand several times - thanks for trusting me, little guy!

Fight Club

A clan of Evening Grosbeaks took over this feeder and provided some great entertainment in late August 2020. They are only here for a couple of weeks in summer, and I always enjoy them stopping by and showing off their big personalities.



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